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Monday, 16 October 2017


Hello There, Do you wish to have a couple of bucks by just sitting in front of your personal computer or laptop? I know the answer is YES! So here is the answer to this question!

You might know that there are jobs on Internet, It does include different jobs like online teaching courses, blogging, vlogging, online services etc... So are you ready to insert some money into your pocket? It's a YES, So here is the full explanation.


Earning Money Through Internet - Online Jobs

Earning money through Internet or Online is a good job because it doesn't contain any headache. This includes blogging, vlogging, affiliate marketing, online services etc...

How To Earn Money From Blogging?

Earning money through blogging is not by just writing and publishing some posts and contents on your blog. You need to serve ads or use shorten-links to earn money. Serving ads on your site is the best way that I can recommend you because it does pay a lot if your blog has some unique readers. There are many ad serving or monetization programs on Internet just to pay you some bucks. I will recommend you some best monetization programs available for you:-

  • AdSense: AdSense is powered by Google and thus you can trust is for 100 % and it does pay you a lot of inaccurate time. AdSense is widely used by millions and billions of bloggers just to earn money and that's the best way you can earn money from blogging.

How To Earn Money Using Shorten Links?

Shorten Links is also a good way to make some bucks. There are many shorten link providers on the Internet. Some of the popular providers are, and much more...

The method shorten links are doing is - When we shorten our link using shorten link and submit or share it anywhere the link you were given is appeared after viewing the shorten link with ads. So both the service providers and you are earning money.

We can check out two best Shorten Link services available for you:-

  • LinkShrink: LinkShrink is a shorten link service which helps you earn money per visits on the link you have shorten. So get ready to insert some money into your pocket.

How To Earn Money By Vlogging OR With YouTube?  

You might have heard about PewDiePie, He is a YouTubers. You too can earn money through Vlogging OR be a YouTuber. The only way you can earn money using YouTube is signing up for AdSense. Showing ads on videos is the method you can earn money using YouTube. The payment for you is depending on how your videos get viewers. 

YouTube: Start A Channel

  • For better views and subscribers, you must have better SEO for your YouTube videos so check out: Best SEO Tips For YouTube - Get More Views & Subscribers
Affiliate Marketing is another way to earn money. It is the best ways to earn a lot of money online. It is the method of earning money by promoting any content from any site or selling services to others by us and if anyone bought or view the content will earn you some money as commission from the provider. There are many affiliate programs by service providers.

The best Affiliate Programs that I would recommend are:-

  • Amazon Affiliate Program: Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate program available for you. It does pay a lot to you as per how much you promote their content. You can get up to 12 % of advertising fees. Amazon Affiliate includes promoting of their products like Mobile Phones, Gadgets, Electronic Products, Books And Much More...

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